Sunday, April 26, 2009

Todo list

Here's a rundown of what needs to be done before the car is drivable.

1. Mount inverter on soft mounts
2. Find an automotive fan and build a mount and shroud so it cools the motor and inverter.
3. Upgrade motor leads. I have 3x10 gauge wires running to the motor right now, but will upgrade to 4 gauge welding cable soon.
4. Sanitize the engine compartment. It's a mess.
5. Build precharge circuit. Brad pointed out that an analog precharge circuit is overcomplicated. He suggested to use a microcontroller to measure the bus voltage and switch the main contactor on. That got me thinking- the inverter has some functions that will do just that. So, here's the new plan: the "start" position of the key switch will activate the precharge relay, which will charge the bus cap through a 1k resistor. Once the bus voltage reaches some minimum value, say 290 volts, the inverter will close one of its built in relays, which will then energize the main contactor. The current to do this will flow through the "on" position of the key swich, so that when the key is turned off, the contactor will open.
6. Get BMS working. Hopefully not much to do here, just wire it up.
7. Find a good location for the charger.
8. Wash. The car has been sitting for so long, it's embarrassingly dirty.

That's not too bad- I should be driving in a year or so---

Inverter fixed

Today I put the finishing touches on the inverter overhaul, and tested it on the bench. Everything looks good, so I put it in the car for a test fit.

I'll add some mounts and a fan + shroud for the motor and inverter, and the engine compartment will be done. I'm happy with the repackaging- the inverter takes up much less space under the hood, and now can be made weather tight.